Guppies and less gourmet fish

Guppies are one of the most popular and popular aquarium fish species. Because this is one of the fish that is easy to feed, easy to feed and birth. However, this fish is very sensitive to the variation of the environment and the disease, so if not thoughtful in the way of raising, fish can die mass. So, before you intend to feed 7 colors, let's find out some information about guppies and how to raise guppies.

Seven color guppies are less dead

guppies and how to raise guppies

7-color fish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish in the world. This fish is a member of the giant fish family, which reproduces as a spawning fish.

Guppies are known for being extremely rich in colors such as blue, black, red, orange. At present, guppies in Vietnam are mainly of two types: solid-colored guppies and dark-green guppies, blue or red tails and white markers.


The guppies are less dead

For guppies

guppies and how to raise guppies

If you raise guppies in a mini aquarium, be sure to change the water regularly to ensure clean, clear water.However, keep a portion of the old water of the aquarium or water pumps and settle for 3-4 days to replace the fish tank. You can add some moss in the tank. These plants not only clean the water, but also create amusement space for fish.


If you are breeding 7 colors of fish in large tanks, even though you do not have to change water frequently, you should pay attention to the water environment to ensure that it is the most favorable for growth fish. At the same time, you still need to keep a portion of old water when you are pregnant for fish or old water into the tank when changing water to avoid fish and environmental shock to die.

This is one of the important notes in how to raise guppies that all fish farmers need special attention.


On the issue of feeding fish

guppies and how to raise guppies

Experts said: Guppy fish is very little fish eat. Meanwhile, the main cause of dirty water and pathogen causing fish death is excess food excess.

So, you need to study the possibility of eating guppy fish in the tank and apply it to avoid environmental pollution. In addition, if you have moss or aquariums into the lake, the amount of food should also be reduced.


On the issue of fish reproduction

guppies and how to raise guppies

A female guppies can reproduce periodically from 7 to 10 days. Each time, the number of fry varies from 15 to 40. You can breed guppies in the same tank to create unique guppies of your own.

During the observation of female guppies , if you see large fish belly and appear dark black dot near the gonad of fish then it means that the fish are about to lay. You should take your mother to a private lake because large fish can eat new fry.


To ensure the high survival rate of guppies , you should remove the moss from the tank to keep the fish from hatching and this is also the original source of the guppies. After 1 - 2 weeks onwards, you can add pellets of fish.

7 color fish are kept in favorable environment for 2-3 years. However, if the life span of the guppies in your tank is about 1 year or more, then you have been evaluated as a good finger salted fish.

Above is our share of: Guppies and less gourmet fish . Hopefully our shareings will help you better understand this kind of aquarium fish. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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