Three-tailed goldfish culture technique and spawning in 3-tailed fish

With different names: fish, gold fish, three-tailed fish, three-tailed goldfish ... in the family carp - Cyprinidae. Three-tailed Golden Fish is native to North Asia and Southeast Asia. However, fish are now widely distributed in many countries.

The maximum length of three-tailed goldfish is up to 12-13cm, and features a variety of features: easy-to-feed, use of a variety of foods, bright colors, and attention-grabbing body composition. many people, ... the distribution of fish is quite widely throughout the world.

Goldfish 3 tails

Reproduction characteristics of 3-tailed goldfish :

- Fish mature after 8 months.

- The season is concentrated at the beginning of the rainy season.

* Distinguish male

- Males: mature males with nodules on gills, trunk, and breasts.

- Female: abdomen to soft, pink genital cavity, protruding (abdomen sideways to one side). 

Three-tailed goldfish have been raised in shallow tanks, in tanks, in tanks, in aquariums for a long time in our country, have adapted to living conditions.

- It does not require fancy food, requires a high water temperature and water quality. The 3-tailed fish prefer old water, can tolerate maximum salinity of 10% and tolerance of very low oxygen content in water. However, tap water should not be used, as tap water is not sufficiently filtered for feeding; On the other hand, there are some disinfectants such as Cl, Fl, ..., the unbearable fish will wear out and die. If it is compulsory to use tap water, the water must be exposed to sunlight for several hours to remove unwanted compounds in water, and water also dissolves certain organic compounds in the air;So water will be close to the natural water, then into the fish tank 3 tails .

Goldfish 3 tails

- Eggs in sticky eggs, three-tailed goldfish have mating behavior before laying.

* Fish tank

- The volume of water is from 45 to 60 liters / 1 pair with water level of 30-40 cm, arranged in seaweed into the tank, regular water change and light aeration.

- After spawning fish out parents. Fertility from 1000 to 1000 eggs per female, eggs will hatch after 36-48 hours at 28-30oC temperature.

- After hatching for about 2-3 days, the fish consume the whole ovum and start eating outside.

- Good fish will reappear after 15-30 days

Goldfish 3 tails


- The reproduction of three-tailed goldfish is easily done in a large aquarium full of sunlight. In the breeding season, the male can be identified by the following characteristics: the gill cover has beautiful nodules, on the chest and the body sometimes has nodules, the fish is stimulated and chase the female and pushing it; Male nits stimulating females. The 3 females to reproductive season also have large belly on one side, fish swim slowly, genital hole red to dark red and slightly protruding. After a very busy time, the female enters the grass and shrieks to the egg. At the same time, the males are always close to the females and use palm lumps on the head of the female's abdomen to stimulate semen at the same time to fertilize the eggs.

Goldfish 3 tails


- Incubation depends on temperature (21 - 24 degrees Celsius), which occurs in 4 days. If the water temperature is higher, the incubation time will be shorter, with only two and a half days to three days.Conversely, if the temperature is low, the 3-tailed fish should be incubated for 6-8 days. Expanded fry can eat algae and grass. If you look at the fry are a brown color, we can not imagine the change later to fish the color of the fish. The yellow or red color begins to replace the bronze color, which is only around the 60th or 80th days and the water temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. In terms of shape, the juveniles are inherited from the fish's formal characteristics. Parents, were able to distinguish them from the early days of the fry.

Three tails fish healthy and grow fast. After one month, can reach the size of 2 - 3cm. If rearing is good, the survival rate is 60-70%. Genital maturity is definitely in the second year. In order to produce3-tailed goldfish , 3-year-olds should be selected. Carefully maintained , the three-tailed goldfish in the tank can live up to 30 years.


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